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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Denny Hastert and the Deviants


Highly respected, former Speaker of the House and Congressman Denny Hastert's deviant behavior finally caught up to him.

His deviant behavior was while he was a public employee in a key position of trust, related to his profession, intersecting at the workplace funded by taxpayers.

It's not just that he is a "serial child molester" but he had the audacity to blur the lines between his personal life and his professional responsibility to benefit his deviance.

He didn't just harm those teens. He used and exploited us all, gaining position, power and wealth in the process.

15 months in prison doesn't seem enough except that Denny Hastert's worst fate may be yet to come by earning a ticket straight to hell.

In Aurora, where Denny Hastert rose to prominence as a Congressman, there are many other deviants, even some who are far worse, who are currently and/or previously in public position, who used their profession and intersected their deviant behavior at the workplace.

Who are some other deviants you should know?

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner.

Corrupt Cops Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney.

Robert "Bob" Vaughan, former executive director of the Fox Valley Park District and current czar of corruption and the Dunham Slush Fund.

Each corrupt and dishonest. Each exploiting the public trust, profession and workplace. Each gaining wealth, position and power. Each disgusting and deviant.

Unfortunately, there's more. Many more.

If there is anything positive about this case involving Denny Hastert, we hope some who have been in denial, will stop looking the other way on other deviants who are dishonest, corrupt and exploiting us all.

And, if you don't believe there are other deviants running around today, taking advantage of their positions and power, ask yourself if you could have ever imagined you would hear the words "Denny Hastert" and "deviant" in the same sentence.

Special thanks to the FBI for pursuits the facts and uncovering one of the many deviants among us.

It's not over, it's just getting started.


Anonymous said...

Are those medians on North Lake Aurora's latest effort at urban dandelion farming? It looks like the entryway from Mexico into Guatemala. Are things this hopeless?

Anonymous said...

Deviant weeds! The City is too incompetent to get them treated/castrated and they look like this every spring.

Anonymous said...

Paint one black and the others will move away.

Anonymous said...

How about deviant hiring practices

Anonymous said...

Did the good old boys at the Park District hire more of their BFF's?

Anonymous said...

Like Pilmer?

Anonymous said...

Park board members are mostly white guys over 50. They're either transplants sent by City Hall to keep the good old boy network intact or they're luxury pensioners courtesy of a Union or the Park District. These out of touch inbreds need to be voted off the island as they sure can't take a hint to just go away.

Anonymous said...

It's our island, not their's. Remember that at election time

Anonymous said...

The Pilmers have been a plaque on the city for generations now. From Linda's inept leadership, harboring a criminal illegal alien (who she uses to mow the lawns of her properties (Juan Castellanos), to destroying Our Savior Lutheran Church and driving it to the verge of bankruptcy and then shattering the membership by harboring the same illegal alien (Juan) to Jim's many transgression. Where do you begin with this inept, lifetime leech? And there is Donny the Dumber...The Pilmers prey on this community. And you my dear taxpayers foot the bill for it all.

Anonymous said...

Kick off Alexandrou, Anderson, Gillespie, Vaughan and Wiggins from the Park Board in April. Vote in people reflecting the composition and interests of Fox Valley residents, not those protecting City Hall. Maybe the new Board will be fiscally responsible and hire a Director who'll be working another 15 years, not somebody who's retiring in 4 years to become the fourth parks executive to collect an exorbitant pension while still in his 50's. The Board has created a luxurious lifestyle for its retirees and taxpayers can no longer afford it.