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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Do You Ask Questions or Look the Other Way?

In March of 2009, a prank call came into a New Hampshire Kentucky Fried Chicken. It ended, 15 minutes later, with 3 employees naked and urinating on each other in the parking lot.

The caller identified himself as a “KFC corporate official.”

The “official” told the store manager to pull the pin on the sprinkler system.

Which she did.

Fire-dousing chemicals rained from the ceiling.

Then the “official” told her that the employees need to strip naked to avoid skin infection from their chemical-saturated clothes.

Which they did.

And that they should leave the chemically-infected building immediately.

Which they did.

And…in order to neutralize the chemicals, they should urinate on each other.


That’s when someone noticed them and called the police. And when cops showed up, the “official” finally hung up.

As you can imagine, the KFC employees did not want to talk to the media about what happened.

And the “official” was never apprehended.

Do you think the store manager could have asked a few more questions to keep from looking so foolish?

Well, it’s human nature to not question authority. But it gets us in BIG trouble sometimes.

And if you’re not questioning your public officials…well…you’re not exactly urinating naked in a parking lot of a KFC…but you’re definitely not asking enough questions!

In Aurora, from corrupt mayor Tom Weisner to corrupt cop Kristen Ziman, to Chicago where dictator Mike Madigan and Princess Lisa Madigan to the Hillary/Bill Clinton political mafia, none of them want you to ask questions.

By not asking questions, you are naked and urinating each other in a KFC parking lot.

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