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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How Corrupt Kristen Ziman's Warrior Cop Approach Can Create Danger

Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman of Aurora, Illinois is a strong believer in warrior cops who are ready to fight instead of peace officers who are guardians and protectors of society.

It's the rise of warrior cops in recent years that has led to tragic escalation of violence, danger for the safety of both the public and police along with massive deterioration of trust.

That is the view of policing according to Kristen Ziman while experts across law enforcement, justice and those advocating police reform firmly reject her backward thinking.

A situation in Georgia demonstrates how quickly things can escalate when a cop shows an attitude.

In this case, thankfully nobody got shot or killed.

Under the law, residents in a private home are not subject to being harassed by police without probable cause or a warrant.


Anonymous said...

Another mentally ill thought.

Anonymous said...

What polling has been done for he Mayor's race. Results?

Anonymous said...

12:23 PM- AMEN- let's pool our money and get the poor anonymous bastards mental health help... we are offering to foot the bill for you to evaluated- we beg you people to get help!

Anonymous said...

Kristen needs mental health help. Plus, she's an alcoholic and addict.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds in Las Vegas for the likelihood of that building being constructed across from City Hall?

Anonymous said...

Teacher says: Every time a cope dies prematurely a taxpayers wallet is saved from being raped.

Anonymous said...

I worked over 25 years at the PD. I never saw or heard Ziman on the streets and certainly never saw her fight any crime. She was known to go shopping instead of fighting crime and parking her squad car at her house for hours.