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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

No Freedom of Speech On Southwest Airlines

An ignorant passenger made a mistake over a University of California student, but even worse, Southwest Airlines shows our society keeps taking steps backwards with bias and arrogance.


Anonymous said...

Good for Southwest Airlines, for once putting passenger safety in form of the convenience of some blabbermouth on a cell phone. If this asshole doesn't like it, he should hop on his camel and ride back to whatever sand dune country becomes from. I bet he was not speaking English and uttering some foreign gibberish.

Deport his ass or if he doesn't like it he should renounce his citizenship or Visa or whatever sand go back to his native land.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like this guy was baiting a passenger and probably wants to win a lawsuit against the airline. If he is here on a student visa he should be deported.