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Monday, April 11, 2016

Simon Says Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman Fails As Leader

"Great leaders do not wear titles." Simon Sinek

Yet, the first thing Aurora's most corrupt cop Kristen Ziman did when being appointed was to change her first name everywhere on social media to "Chief" as further proof of her narcissism.

Ironically, Simon Sinek is one of the people Kristen claims she looks to understand what a leader is. Apparently, missed the part about not being an egotistical narcissist.

In recent days, we were alerted to deviant behavior by Kristen that would make Denny Hastert look like a poster boy for good behavior.

For those who are in-bred into the Aurora Police Department, where nepotism, affairs, sexual misbehavior and alcoholism have gone wild for years, it may not seem odd or unusual.

For everyone else, including those at the APD that have earned their positions by competence and integrity, not who they know, who they sleep with or who they can manipulate, it's tough because by appointing a deviant, dishonest and wine-drinking clown as "chief" it sends a message to everyone that being a good person and good at your profession doesn't matter.

But, it does.

We've heard from many police officers who are not following the lead of "chief" because they point out one important thing.

Nobody really takes Kristen seriously as a leader. She can read "how to lead" books, try every trick and play every game. It's like the class clown being put in charge of the school. At the end of the day, Kristen Ziman has always and will remain a big joke to serious cops.

Not a single person at the APD, even her so-called friends, believes she made it chief based solely on her competence or crime-fighting experience.

If those were the criteria, there are plenty of people who are far better and with actual leadership.

The good news is Kristen's gig as chief is temporary since a new mayor will need to throw her out assuming she isn't escorted to prison first for crimes against everyone.

The bad news for Kristen Ziman is she will have to change her first name again, but this time, to something more accurate like "clown" or "corrupt."

Or maybe "deviant."

Note: we reached out to Queen Kristen to discuss the allegations about deviant conduct but she was too busy not solving the latest murder in Aurora.


Anonymous said...

Aurora will have a Mexican chief next year. You can put it on the board - YES

That taco truck I saw out in front of the police building is a clue, is it only for drunk cops?

Anonymous said...

There are several chiefs and directors who will be asked to leave next year. Count on a few to wind up at the Park District.

Anonymous said...

Tacos, wine and hot tubbing OH MY!