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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Transgender Controversy at the Aurora Police Palace, What Should Queen Kristen Do?

Sources confirm Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman says she's "confused" over allowing someone who is "transgender" on using any gender restroom other than their biological gender at the $164 million Aurora Police Palace. Transgender advocates say Ziman, who claims to be a lesbian, is a hypocrite. Several cops say if she changes any policy, it will cause a revolt. What should the Queen of the APD do?


Anonymous said...

Kristen shouldn't throw her transgender friends under the bus. Let the cops suffer with this. Wait until they are forced to cross-dress, too.

Anonymous said...

Funny was openline listening at the club last night. A few coppers were talking about the blogs, the downturn of the police in aurora and about the new crop of top managers. Some were amazed that one guy nobody knows got moved up the ladder. But one mentioned that he plays for both teams and that caught the chiefs attention.

Anonymous said...

What teams? Police have teams for what ?