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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Corruption Alert at Fox Valley Park District

Painters District 30 union thug Chuck "Shorty" Anderson will take over as "President" of the Fox Valley Park District Board from Political Mafia Kingpin Robert Vaughan to insure corruption and rewards to cronies continue at taxpayer expense.

For years, the Fox Valley Park District has been a cesspool for cronies and contractors with "coincidental" connections to the political mafia of Aurora, including Mayor Tom Weisner.

Vaughan, who has been campaign chief and corruption czar for Weisner, also runs the Dunham Fund, a nonprofit slush fund used to influence deals and contracts across the community to benefit the political mafia.

Recently, two dishonest Aurora Police Officers joined the political mafia's team to exploit taxpayers. Chris Tunney was appointed as a paid board member of the Dunham Slush Fund despite zero experience or competence in education or nonprofits. Her spouse, Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman, was named police chief as part of a deal to reward her for looking the other way on crimes, including corruption, threats against political enemies and misconduct by her friends also part of the Dunham Fund.

Kristen Ziman, Robert Vaughan, Tom Weisner, Chris Tunney and Shorty Anderson are among Aurora's Most Wanted List for exploiting our city and their reckless disregard for integrity.

We urge anyone with information that leads to their arrest, conviction and imprisonment to contact us or the FBI to stop the epidemic and end the crime spree.

Aurora is second to none for corruption in Illinois.


Anonymous said...

Did Alex Alexandrou leave the City so he can go work at the Park District?

Anonymous said...

He won't be working at the City after April if the lead candidate gets elected. The new Mayor will look at employee relations far differently.

Anonymous said...

The new Mayor will be placed in office by Mayor Wiesner to continue the corruption he has had the time and funds to put in place in the last decade. To figure out who Wiesner's protege is, just wait till one of the candidates is endorsed by him.

Anonymous said...

We all know who the Mayor will endorse and Guzman will keep the executives. The two alder-creatures, if elected, will keep less of them. If the other is elected, everybody at City Hall knows there will be big changes. That's the Mayor's right.