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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tom Weisner's Decade of Destruction for East Aurora School District 131

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and the political mafia have exploited BILLIONS from taxpayers during the past decade for corrupt schemes and cronies while economic deterioration and poverty have dramatically increased.

Shame on everyone from who has looked the other way as a new generation has been exploited.

This is the result and legacy of Tom Weisner's decade of destruction for East Aurora School District 131.


Anonymous said...

Let's get some more historic districts, that'll help

Anonymous said...

I spoke with someone who used to work in city government. This will never be admitted publicly but the Hispanics are the problem for District 131. When they first started moving in back in the 70s, the thought was that they would work for a year or two and then move back home to Mexico. They knew that they were welcome because of cheap labor. However, they also knew that if more came, and that more stayed, the whites would leave and the tax base would be lowered. He tells me they completely underestimated how many would come up here and how long they would stay. Now the whites have left and the problem has become insurmountable. You have a lowered tax base with a huge language barrier.

He tells me that the city has privately thrown their hands up in the air, admitting they do not have a solution to the problem. And this is not just for 131, but for the city as a whole. Look at downtown. They have tried to lure businesses, but they refuse to come to Little Mexico which 131 and downtown have become.

131 and Aurora are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Time and time again the taxpayers have said NO to more funding for the schools. That is local government at its best. District 131, like all schools follows an archaic, expensive, ridiculous teacher lead classroom model which inefficiently allocates societies resources. They will consume an ever increasing share of local income with diminishing returns per dollar spent. Starving the school will force serious consideration of different educational models.

No one has an implicit duty to educate the children that other people elect to have. Moreover to do so with a model with such extreme costs and high rate of failure is simply asinine. I applaud the taxpayers of District 131 for standing firm against the corruption that is the public school system.

Alfie said...

Openline let's get one thing straight, the problem with Aurora is that the entire nation has failed to enforce the borders of this nation and allowed an enemy nation to send its aliens into our heartland to ravage and pillage our communities and no one stands against them. Aurora is a symbol of the failure of all Americans to repel the enemy at the border. the east side is simply an example of what is happening all over this country.

Look at this damn city. All these assholes with their We Are Not Afraid signs, welcoming the ravenous hoards of welfare dependent throat slitters of Islam into this city. The citizens of Aurora are idiots.