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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Alton Sterling vs Kristen Ziman

Kristen Ziman (aka Kristen Kjendal), the corrupt, dishonest, sleazy and drunk cop from Aurora, Illinois, says cops killing the public are just "isolated" and VERY RARE in America.

When someone says that, is that one, two or three times? TEN?

As you may recall, she defended the murder in Ferguson and the military-like response by civilian cops to attacking protesters.

She also immediately rushed to stand up for her hero, rotten cop Joe Gliniewicz of Fox Lake. (sorry Aurora cops, she won't stick up for you...unless you kiss her ass and/or are named Chris Tunney).

To be fair and in her defense, Kristen spends a lot of her time at taxpayer expense drinking wine, playing games, socializing and doing anything but serving and protecting the public.

Between the partying and politics with the corrupt, she doesn't really have time to learn how to do policing.

Then again, she was only appointed because of her gender and sexual preferences, obviously not because of her 3 brief years of patrol experience or stunning lack of competence.

There are plenty of good, competent cops around us. They are not allowed to be chief in Aurora but they recognize there is a systemic problem across police and it requires massive change to reward good cops and get rid of bad cops.

In case you don't want to be as clueless like Kristen about the facts on cops killing the public, you should see for yourself.

Fatal force: A Washington Post investigation of people shot and killed by police in 2016

Note: Kristen Ziman is at the top of Aurora's Most Wanted List, surpassing corrupt mayor Tom Weisner and political mafia kingpin Bob Vaughan. Any information leading to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of any of them may be eligible to share a reward of up to $100,000. Kristen Ziman should always be considered armed, drunk and clueless.

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