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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Says Stay Silent on Bad Cops

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner says people of Aurora should not react to epidemic of violence involving bad cops. 

Instead, remain silent, don't protest, and don't ask questions like why Aurora cops have zero body cams.

Just continue to pay the highest taxes in the region.


Anonymous said...

I read the press release about the police shootings. I am appalled by your remarks. You clearly jumped on the "bandwagon" without knowing, or caring about the facts. The police have a tough job and should be afforded due process. You shot that chance away by your stupid words. Your city is home to many refugees and potential terrorists, why incite violence.
I will never visit Aurora.
He is a complete buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Why don't politicians wear body cameras.

Anonymous said...

Weisner could not wear a badge.