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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Who Are the Good Cops and Bad Cops at the Aurora Police Department? Let's Name Names

Bad cops are not just those that shoot or kill people.

They include cops who lie, make false statements, false arrests, use excessive force, cause injury, violate one's rights, abuse their power, exploit taxpayers, are simply incompetent or involve with corruption.

Most importantly, bad cops are those who look the other way on other bad cops.

Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney are very bad cops in Aurora, but they are many others who have done all of the above to be accurately called a bad cop.

Kristen and Chris are unlikely to shoot anyone because they never are anywhere near any danger since they are usually hiding under Kristen's desk drinking wine while real cops are doing the real police work.

We need good cops in Aurora and everywhere to stop being silent and start speaking up to get rid of bad cops. That is the ONLY way for police to get the "respect" they seek and deserve.

If you don't have the courage to speak up about those bad cops you know of, you shouldn't be a cop.

Maybe Kristen should stop drinking, get out of the police palace and start putting herself at risk in the neighborhoods of Aurora where shootings are happening like a real cop she has always fantasized to be.

And, to all other cops or public, please don't "accidentally" shoot Kristen or Chris because we need them alive for their early retirement in prison before they go to hell.

Do you know who are the good cops and bad cops in Aurora? Let's name names.


Anonymous said...

There were many during my 21 years; Dobran, Langstons, Beatus, Hamling, Powell, Nila, Groom, Lawler, Thomas, Hazelwood, Hoffman, Anderson, Sullivan, Lomax, Perkins, Ahlgren, Nelson,

Anonymous said...

Are all of those bad police still there or in jail