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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Aurora Corrupt Cop and Queen of APD Kristen Ziman Makes It Okay toBreak the Law

Outrage continues over the "wimpy response" by the Aurora Police Department regarding the refusal to obey orders by police for a motorcycle group to stop, traffic disruption and mayhem created when the group and a pickup truck got into a violent dispute.

Corrupt Cop and Queen of the APD Kristen Ziman now admits people "broke the law" but like she does with the corruption epidemic by the political mafia and crimes of her own spouse, corrupt cop Chris Tunney, she will look the other way and ignore breaking the law wit no arrests, citations or prosecution.

Ziman says she was pleased to learn all those who broke the law at least chose to have tacos at a restaurant in Aurora.

As the motorcycle group went through downtown Aurora, even before the dispute with the pickup truck, a police vehicle attempted to stop them and flashed it's lights.

The group didn't ignore just the police. 

Instead, they blocked the police car with a motorcycle and waved others through.

A source at the APD says that should have been enough for an arrest and full response to stop all, even if meant arresting everyone.

Ziman was not present during the incident because of yet another vacation where she was getting drunk. This time, her wine-sucking adventure took her to Key West, Floriida spending your tax dollars and being AWOL from her responsibility and duty to protect the people of Aurora.

To be fair, Kristen Ziman being present in Airora makes no actual difference. She has not been in any patrol situation since the early 1990's and never puts herself into any dangerous situation.

Kristen Ziman is too much of a coward to face any crime the rest of you must deal with.

Several residents of Aurora have said this blatant negligence and police malpractice means it's okay to break the law in Aurora.

That is exactly correct.

As long as Tom Weisner is mayor and Kristen Ziman is police chief, Aurora can forget about law and order.

Go ahead and break the law. Just make sure you have some tacos afterward.

Not arresting people who break the law also means it reduces crime stats so they can false claim later "crime is down."

Weisner and Ziman hope you are too stupid to care or demand they be removed.

We say fire Kristen Ziman immediately so the Aurora Police Department isn't looked as pansies and wimps.

We still have shootings, murders and gangs so we need real cops running the fight against crime instead of clowns like Kristen Ziman.


Anonymous said...

That sure was a nice post by Chief Kristen on her blog though. Sounded more like a candidate for public office than a police chief. This is the second failure by the department under her command. I still don't understand why mass arrests weren't made after the gang's brazen move through the downtown.

Anonymous said...

So the Deputy Police Chief states that on a bright Sunday afternoon, after a motorcycle blocks a squad car and waves through hundreds of drivers, no arrests were made because a police officer may become surrounded and 'you don't know what behavior could be.' This is crime fighting in Aurora? No calls for mass reinforcements? No requests for mutual aid? Was everyone at the 911 Center in Key West too? This is why we pay our police brass +$100,000 with nice benefits, early retirement and comfortable pensions? Next time the Wild One and his crew come to town, call the Citizen's Police Academy and the Women's Roller Derby Team.

Anonymous said...

They probably wrote letters to the thugs asking them nicely to ride pretty

Anonymous said...

Sad that letters to the media now pass for protecting the public on a Sunday afternoon. No wonder people choose to live anywhere but Aurora.

Anonymous said...

Who needs police, the city just needs letter writers and stamps, or skip the stamps and have police be mail carriers.

Anonymous said...

Well realistically the police in Aurora are useless. Where is there voice except when demanding more ridiculous benefits?

You never hear the police actual vocal about hte real drivers of issues in Aurora.

When do you hear the police refer to illegal aliens?

When do you hear the police complain about all the times they are called to Hesed House each week.

What about Aunt Martha's?

Crickets is what you hear.

Anonymous said...

Aurora is just a democratic sanctuary city and it's destiny is only poverty and a democratic voting block. Keep Obama phones and welfare flowing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rick (Lawrence) it is no wonder why your ENTIRE family left you and are they actually happy in Colorado. i bet they wish you would stay in Aurora so they dont have to deal with your little delicate ego. These posts are just the same hate you spew on your FB page.. You are such a little man, maybe akief can come over and give you hug since it is apparent your family has left you.