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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman Thinks Serious Issues of Police Misconduct Are a Laughing Matter

We're sorry for those professional, ethical and good men and women of the Aurora Police Department. We won't name you for your protection and to avoid retaliation against you.

As the nation swirls in scandals, tragedies and public outcry over police misconduct and brutality, our local police have had their own challenges.

From the recent non-arrest of hundreds of crimes when a motorcycle group was allowed to disregard traffic laws through the city, the upcoming change to make bathrooms and locker rooms transgender-friendly at the Aurora Police Palace, the lack of any body cams to protect good cops and good public, to the massive manipulation of crime stats for political purpose, we know this is a challenging period in addition to the usual chaos in a city with chronic crime, corruption and cronies.

When the current police chief herself began her career by nepotism, drinking and sleeping with cops along the way, when more qualified professionals are bypassed for her and when you see her corruption giving her and her corrupt spouse a luxury life while many of you take real risks in a crime-infested city, it's frustrating to watch for everyone, let alone the good cops who entered the profession without Daddy, didn't drink, sleep and manipulate their way up, have worked the streets and put themselves at actual risk for most of the careers.

Kristen's wine-sucking and corruption are well proven and documented but what exactly does she do as "chief" other than use social media, chat with her friends and skip work for her side schemes and politics?

Well, for one thing, she keeps finding new ways to prove why she should never have been a cop, let alone a person in any leadership position.

Let's take yesterday as a example. Instead of working the neighborhoods and protecting the public like a real cop, the narcissist was busy tweeting about her birthday, how much people adore the Queen Cersei of Aurora and how she has extra free time to train for a half-marathon (she does things half-ass all the time so no surprise there).

Then, she tweeted this in the afternoon, while she was "working" with Tonto, (aka "Keefe Jackson" the incompetent and cowardly deputy chief who helped cause the APD to be known as pansies with the motorcycle fiasco):

DC just used the term, "sins of my infancy" to describe past transgressions of officers in their career. That would make a great band name.

Those are her words, not ours. That is her exact tweet. And, if she deletes it, we have a copy.

At the same time Colin Kaepernick, QB of the San Francisco 49ers, has stood up to the "transgressions" of bad cops by sitting down, Corrupt Kristen and Tonto decide problems with bad cops are a joking matter.

Oddly, her tweet was about the same time Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was being forced to fire bad cops for "transgressions" and implement new oversight (Aurora has none, so even Chicago's artificial oversight is more).

Every police officer has an immense responsibility but as a police leader and public official, your words matters even more. And, have consequences (except in Aurora, where incompetence is rewarded, see Tom Weisner as Exhibit A).

You won't find Kristen speaking up on the serious issues unless it's covering someone's ass or kicking them when they are already out. There isn't anyone with less courage in this city. Even the quitting mayor who is running away from the mess he created and because he's under federal investigation isn't as much of a coward as Kristen Ziman.

But, when it comes to how a professional, police chief should behave, this is the best we got?


We know there are far better people, even within the APD.

We know Kristen's drinking problem is bad but could it be possible she was drunk when she tweeted this?

Maybe, but that raises yet another set of problems.

Or maybe will say the Russians hacked her Twitter account?

When we see such irresponsible words coming from the police chief and her sidekick, we realize it's two clowns who should never be in such a position

However, most people see them as cops and throw their behavior into the debate on why there are so many bad cops.

And, that is why we want to say we are sorry for the good cops.

You don't need two clowns sitting atop the $164 million Aurora Police Palace making things harder for you while you are doing the real police work on the streets.

Assuming Kristen isn't removed sooner, the next mayor will need to fix this mess and put a leader who will exemplify what professionalism, ethics, serious solutions for crime and not be a clown, corrupt, drunk or make the department look like a bunch of highly-paid pansies.

Assuming she isn't put in prison first, Kristen's next career should be at the circus, where she belongs and is the one thing she seems qualified for.

In the meantime, when you see Kristen next, ignore the fake cop costume and instead picture her as she deserves and behaves, as a clown.


Anonymous said...

OpenLine, I hope to hell Rick Lawrence runs for Mayor. Step-up please.

Anonymous said...

Rick is a weasel! He can write what ever he wants here and just show how much he is disconnected from the real world? Maybe he can make a trip to Mexico too.

Anonymous said...

Rick would offer a nice option. The only candidate who brings near nothing to the table is Mr. Saville. Aurora website lists him as the originator of the Riverwalk commission in 1988 and almost 30 years later I see little to no progress. They say he was a member of Aurora downtown development and again I see no progress. He has been on the city council for 30 years so he should take some responsibility for the condition of the city. It would be interesting to hear why he or his supporters think he would be good for the city. I definitely feel he is the worst candidate by far.

Anonymous said...

Saville is far moree thincal than Irvin, Chapa or Guzzman, he is also clueless and will be easy to knock out in 4 years. For that reason he is the best choice. The other 3 have staying power and once in will be in office till they decide to leave.

Anonymous said...

Rick is one of the idiots that runs this blog- he only knows how to spew hatred. It's no wonder why his family left him.

Anonymous said...

His family left him?