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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Aurora, Illinois Is Second to None for Corruption

Stop Corruption Epidemic in Aurora, Illinois
AURORA, IL - OpenlineBlog is offering up to a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of anyone involved with the corruption epidemic in Aurora, including but not limited to the following persons of interest; Kristen Ziman, Christine Tunney, Robert Vaughan, Thomas Weisner, Alayne Weingartz, Carie Anne Ergo, several other to-be-named individuals, contractors, campaign contributors, consultants, cronies and anyone associated with the John C. Dunham Slush Fund to Advance Corruption (aka "Dunham Fund").

Numerous other individuals and entities associated with the corruption in Aurora have been under an extensive ongoing multi-year investigation.

We urge anyone with information that will help lead to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of anyone associated with the corruption and crime spree in Aurora to contact us and/or the FBI with tips (see below).

We guarantee you will remain anonymous if that is your preference for any information provided to us.

Special thanks to our partners and contributors, including Google.

Please report any tips to the FBI at this link:

Aurora is second to none for corruption and crime. Please save our community.

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Anonymous said...

How did Rosario DeLeon get his wife, two sons, brother, and two brothers-in-law hired at the City? What kind of corrupt hiring is that? Who had a hand in that fiasco?

Anonymous said...

Still shilling for Irvin I see. Why is the king of corruption not listed.

Anonymous said...

I think I read about a Deleon policeman too

Anonymous said...

I thought there was supposed to be equal access to employment in government.