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Friday, August 05, 2016

Aurora So-Called Corporation Counsel Alayne Weingartz RecklessDisregard for Property Standards

Aurora's So-Called Corporation Counsel Alayne Weingartz, who routinely mistreats people and levies substantial fines at anyone who dares to allegedly violate any property code, is one of the highest paid city employees. 

Yet, she has caused multiple foreclosures while walking away from her own home, devaluing the neighborhood.

She then got a rental property in Aurora and was sued for failure to pay rent. She is also failing to keep up the property standards she expects the rest of you to maintain, as shown by the wild growth of weeds.

We urge Alayne Weingartz to be fired immediately and fined for her failure to maintain property standards. 


Anonymous said...

So you would prefer she spray the law for weeds and poison the water table? Sounds brilliant.

Anonymous said...

HMMMM- deleting comments again I see!
What are you so afraid of... She should get a restraining order against you 2 idiots. You are both crazy AF

Anonymous said...

When are you going to go after Irvin for the deterioration at his mother's house? A few years a go the neighbors had to tack her railing up on her falling down shit shack. way to support mammy there Richard.