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Monday, August 01, 2016

Chasing Kristen Ziman

In the wake of the news the Aurora Police Department chose to stand down during a crime spree and failed to arrest a single person despite clear evidence of crimes, it's time to address this new policing strategy head-on with Aurora's Most Wanted, Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman:

Kristen, we hope you finally sobered up enough after being too drunk yet again while being AWOL as Queen of the APD, this time sucking wine in Key West, Florida, too busy to pay attention to Aurora's latest crime spree, shootings, vehicles being smashed, motorcycles being run over, cops being blocked, all without a single person being arrested.

So, now that it's officially okay to commit even more types of crime(s) in Aurora without consequence, let's invite motorcycle groups from all across America to chase you in the half-million dollar APD tank for a race through the streets of Aurora. We'll call it:

The Race Begins at the Aurora Police Palace
...Coming Soon!

*Proceeds to benefit tips ending Aurora corruption and sending Corrupt Kristen, Bozo the Mayor and their punk friends to prison.

It will be the closest thing to economic development the blighted, deteriorating City of Aurora has seen in ten years (please don't mention the failed Shodeen fiasco or the umpteen other failed schemes to Bozo the Mayor or he will need to drink yet another tall one).

Thousands of motorcycles.

One tank.

And one corrupt clown cop named Kristen Ziman.

Maybe Chrissy Tunney, Bob Vaughan, Vicki Morcos and the rest of the thugs at the John C. Dunham Slush Fund to Advance Corruption can provide the prize money. Or you could provide it from your own household slush fund from dirty money paid to Tunney for you looking the other way on corruption. Oops, is that supposed to still be a secret?

If anyone dares to smash the side of the famous half-million dollar APD tank like we all saw happen to the pickup truck vs motorcycles, it will likely survive and since it isn't against the law anymore based upon the way you mishandled this latest fiasco, might as well go crazy and fully test the tank's walls in the one in a billion chance the tank would ever be needed for a legitimate situation (sorry Kristen, contrary to what you may believe, using the tank to go to Dunkin Donuts is not a legitimate purpose).

And no, we still aren't worried about you shooting anyone like so many other bad cops across the nation have done because you are too much of a coward to stick your head out into any real danger like any real cops. By the way, was it the 1990's when you were last on any actual patrol or when you were in high school and Daddy let you play cop in blatant violation of the law? We can't recall exactly but seems plenty of people know how you "qualified" to be a cop.

Welcome to the new Aurora Police Department under Kristen Ziman, where a corrupt clown is police chief based upon nepotism, narcissism, corruption and where crime is allowed to roam free so no more silly crime stats to worry about.


Crime is down when Aurora cops simply (and wimply) stand down. Let's just drink more wine, right?

With this new so-called policing strategy, former cop, turned crony, paying off politicians Michael "Big Belly" Nila can exploit more police departments and train them how to reduce crime stats even if crime is going up. It's magic.

It's officially okay in Aurora if people commit crimes like corruption or violence. We know you and Tunney say they are just "different" and "expressing themselves" even if it seems "weird" to anyone else.

All the usual shootings, murders and corruption were so boring under Bozo the Mayor and Ousted Chief Greg Thomas.

Thanks to you and corrupt sidekick Chrissy Tunney, with expanded types of crime and reduced policing, Aurora has cemented its perch in our state and nation as "second to none" for crime. Congrats Kristen, in a short time, you successfully made the APD a joke to the rest of law enforcement.

Note: for a couple hundred grand, maybe we can get a "sidecar" tank so Chrissy can ride next to you during the race. Aurora City Council will easily rubber stamp any irrational cost like they do for anything. Maybe the usual cronies like Cordogan Clark can design it, Wegman Construction can make it, Wally Mundy can make it look green and the corrupt thugs at the Dunham Slush Fund can give a small grant to pay for Chrissy to get training at a nearby go-kart track.


Anonymous said...

One policeman tries to stop this lawless procession downtown and gets cut off? No back up is called and you do nothing? The idiocy moves west on Galena? What's wrong with you people?

Anonymous said...

Openline: attempts at clever riding aside was there a point to this post? Apparently something happened in downtown Aurora but what exactly was it?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the APD brass needs to work weekends. We pay them enough money and expect them to be chiefing and commanding when the action is hot and heavy. That sure ain't Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Watch Channel 5 News or check out social media for that report on the friendly community drive through by 350 motorcycles on a Sunday afternoon

Anonymous said...

They should prosecute all the riders to the full extent of the law. Time to pass an ordinance that prohibits the size of biker groups entering the city. Clearly the bikers were wrong.

This pretty much sums up bikers in general:

Anonymous said...

APD sure failed to defend public safety this past Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Who was in charge, probably the same guy that wrote warning letters to gang members befor the downtown murder.

Anonymous said...

The APD should have called for big reinforcements instead of letting these lawbreakers move on and embarrass Aurora. No wonder everybody has moved out of this town.

Anonymous said...

Weak and unacceptable quotes from the APD brass in the follow-up article.

Anonymous said...

We're paying the 5 APD command staff close to a million in salaries/benefits. Were any of them working this past Sunday? Were any called and did they even answer their phones? How many of them live in Aurora? Anybody can post cute things on FB, give nice speeches and glad hand at National Night Out. But where are these highly-paid people when they're needed?

Anonymous said...

Did you see Chief Kristen's blog post on motorcycles? It's wonderful that she can write so well. Too bad her department didn't know how to recognize a problem and call for emergency back up the second that squad car was told to sit down on Sunday afternoon.