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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Community Complains About Tonto of Aurora Police Department

Several Aurora residents have complained about Tonto, aka Keefe Jackson, wondered why someone so incompetent and obviously less experienced than people he passed up, would be given a serious position of responsibility of "deputy chief" in a crime-infested city and police department best known for nepotism and a $165 million palace built with corruption.

In his defense, it's important to note the position of deputy chief had been previously eliminated as being "wasteful" and unnecessary expense by previous ousted chief Greg Thomas.

It's like having Uncle Joe Biden running around when the President in town or having him show up at publicity stunts.

The real reason Tonto was made deputy chief is because Kristen Ziman needed someone to cover for her and cover up for her when she frequently bolts the city for her wine-sucking trips and side schemes.

That sidekick can't be someone competent when Kristen herself is incompetent, inexperienced, unqualified and would NEVER be in the position of chief in any other city in America.

Tonto is perfect for Kristen and helping to carry her purse, not for taxpayers or the men and women of the Aurora Police Department.

The unfortunate consequence of putting incompetent people in leadership is illustrated by last week's fiasco where a motorcycle group refused to stop and then blocked cops before later getting into a violent dispute with a pickup truck, where everyone should have been arrested.

Queen Kristen was busy getting drunk in Key West, Florida so Tonto was in charge.

When she came back, rather than admitting the APD and Tonto mishandled the situation, she rambled with a long list of excuses. Maybe she wasn't sober yet.

Many of Aurora's police officers are ethical, serious professionals, who understand the balance between law, order, rights and integrity.

For those cops, it's not about who is who, but just what is right vs wrong, so thank you and we appreciate your efforts despite the clown at the top.

The next mayor will have a critical test on Day 1 when he or she must fire roaches like Kristen and others in the City of Aurora that made our community second to none for crime, corruption, taxes, reverse economic development, poverty and declining schools.

Every moment between now and then will cost taxpayers far more than the massive taxes you already pay but make it that much harder to fix the mess later, if it's possible to fix at all.

In the meantime, the Aurora Police Department under Kristen Ziman is now known more for the palace, prancing around in SUV's, the Queen riding in a tank, manipulating crime stats and afraid to deal with crime head-on or the root causes caused by city leaders.

When Kristen is fired, assuming she isn't sent to prison first, we hope the future of the Aurora Police Department will be based upon merit, smart, ethical, competent and serious policies and leadership.


Anonymous said...

There are several clowns in high-ranking positions at the City. Whoever she might be, the new Mayor will need to ask for some resignations.

Anonymous said...

I remember a post that said the Chapa Via will put the freak in the blue leisure suit as chief when elected as mayor.