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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner to Resign

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner will resign, effective October 30.

Citing "health reasons" Weisner will leave city government after a decade of destruction and deterioration to the city, including skyrocketing taxes, massive debt, increased labor costs, reverse economic development, crime stat manipulation, wild spending on projects to reward cronies and making Aurora "second to none" for corruption in Illinois.

Weisner and others associated with the political mafia of Aurora have been under federal investigation. If indicted and prosecuted, Weisner's crimes would pale in comparison to former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Bob O'Connor, Alderman-at-Large, wild spending finance chair and Mayor Pro-Tem, is likely to assume the role of mayor to continue to the corruption until a new mayor is elected in 2017.

In one of Weisner's worst and most recent irresponsible acts, he appointed corrupt cop Kristen Ziman ahead of more experienced and qualified police professionals as part of a deal with the political mafia in an effort to make sure widespread crime at City Hall was kept out of the spotlight.

Ziman was fully aware Weisner was under investigation before she was appointed as police chief and intentionally disregarded the crime spree at City Hall because her spouse and close friends all financially benefit from the corruption and political mafia. We encourage Aurora Police and all area law enforce agencies to immediately remove Kristen Ziman from any law enforcement capacity to protect the integrity of the APD.

As we have stated repeatedly since he was elected to this most recent term, Tom Weisner was never going to finish his term as mayor.

Weisner's career has has an extensive history of use of intimidation, threats, violence, racism, bigotry and dishonesty with vindictiveness and bullying.

He even exploited his own late disabled son for political fundraising and later threw his adopted son under the bus after a domestic dispute saying his son was just a "ward of the state."

We hope this begins a chance to save Aurora from its current path of deterioration and encourage Tom Weisner, if he actually has any health issue, to make his resignation effective immediately and to begin removing department heads who have colluded to ruin our city.


Anonymous said...

So I see OpenLine is still protecting Richard Irvin. Why is there no mention of the Alderman that engineered and then pushed through the ridiculous prevailing wage legislation that forces all city contracts to be bid at union rates? This single piece of legislation, pushed through to prop up union support for Irvin has cost the city 10s of millions.

Why is it Irvin always escapes scrutiny? Why do you let Mrs Slip-Fall-SettleORSue (Hart-Burns) off?

Sure Weisner and his wife are scum, but so are all members of the city council, all but Johnson are bought and paid for.. Heck that shoplifter broad(Johnson)is the most honest of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

I guess taxpayers get a ray of hope if he dies. Does anyone know what happens to his pension? I suppose his whore of a wife get a survivor benefit. Any chance his cancer is contagious?

Anonymous said...

The wife will get the entire monthly pension amount. No sure about insurance benefits.

Anonymous said...

What is weisner under federal investigation for?

Anonymous said...

11:14- He isnt- Open line has been saying this shit for years with absolutely no proof and absolutely no involvement from the FBI or the AG office.

Rick and Akief- we all know how you feel about the mayor because of your horrible business choices. You two boys will be living in extreme heat at the end of your days. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I fit is true, it is ridiculous that Marilyn gets Weisner's pension. She has been raping this city for decades. they both are scum. Glad to hear he is dying, cant be soon enough or painful enough.

Anonymous said...

Hurray, Chapa Via will clean out all the gringos. chief Alfado for police and chief Deleon for fireman.

Anonymous said...

What will happen to all those cronies we read about dozens of times, the tunnies, groomes, zimans, kjendalls, blue man, and the pumpkin head man, lurch man, and fester head, letter writer man, there must be a bunch of scared people in the city

Anonymous said...

I heard David Pierce is going to run for mayor.

Anonymous said...

OH, the FBI is still on him.

He's leaving early being they are getting close and he would rather be indicted while faking being seriously sick, like almost every politician does prior to being sentenced (anyone remember Dennis Hastart all of a sudden having to be wheeled into court). Now he's going to run to FL to try and keep the publicity to a minimum; instead of being picked up at 6am at his house in Aurora.

I wonder how sick ShoDeen and Munday are getting?

Anonymous said...

If he's undergoing chemo, why does he still have a beard?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's leaving because his son got arrested for hiring another cop-prostitute.