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Monday, August 08, 2016

Free Blago

We have a zero tolerance policy for corrupt public officials.

From Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner to Bob Vaughan, political mafia czar of Aurora, there is a long line of corrupt officials, cronies, contractors just from this city that all deserve prison for life.

In the case of former Illinois Gov Rod Blagojevich, if he's guilty, then there are hundreds far more guilty from Aurora to Chicago.

Patti Blagojevich is making a plea for a shortened sentenced after an appeals court threw out some of the original counts against her husband.

We say the best compromise is to free Blago and instead send Aurora's Most Wanted, Corrupt Cop and Queen of the APD, Kristen Ziman, directly to jail. 

No more riding the half-million dollar tank, no luxury salary, no luxury pension, no more wine binges, no more side schemes, no more dishonesty, no more manipulating crime stats, no more social media and no more crime at the top of the Aurora Police Palace.

Kristen Ziman should go directly to prison and replace Rod Blagojevich ASAP.

She deserves it far more than Blago.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Look we all get Irvin, Saville, O'Connor, Mervin, Bugg, Garza, Bohman, Mesiacos, Donnell, Hart-Burns, Fraco, and Weisner are owned lock stock and barrel (thank gosh for the honsesty of Alderman Lynne Johnson who simply steals in plain view of the public eye and is ownde by no one)by the corrupt politics of Vaughn, Wegman, Pilmers, Hawks, Needman and the masters they serve, but in the end all they do is rig elections and rob the local, State, Federal and County taxpayers; Blago tried to sell a Federal Senate seat for gosh sakes!!!

He deserved a life sentence of hard labor on a bland diet in a dark cell with only a pillow and blanket in it and no outside window and a live-streamed video camera on him so we could all witness his anguish.