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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Walmart Closing West Aurora Store As Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner's Decade of Destruction Continues

Walmart will be closing its West Aurora store despite being in an area with high amounts of poverty and no competition.

It's another accomplishment of Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner's Decade of Destruction.

Under Weisner, reverse economic development and driving out business (and taxpayers) has been second to none.

"It will be somewhat difficult for the next mayor to top Tom in failures and economic decline" said a resident.

Weisner could not be reached for comment because he already proved he was a quitter, too.

With the growing number of vacant and dead stores, no word yet on what possibly could replace Walmart, but Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman has been looking at possible indoor locations to drive the half-million dollar APD tank freely while drinking and not being caught.


Anonymous said...

This situation was predicted 10 yrs go when Walmart started building superstores in surrounding communities. The highly paid development officials at City Hall should have been on this. So what's the plan? The same as for Cub Foods, Blockbuster, Bev's Hallmark, Hobby Lobby, Cosmo's, Carson's, Party Supply and all those other empties and under performing spaces? With these people guiding our redevelopment, we'll likely get a mega currency exchange-pawn shop-resale-swaparamajama under one roof. A Walmart Superstore only Aurora-style.

Anonymous said...

How about the "Second to none" largest cash for title store in the world.

Anonymous said...

The question you should be asking is what candidate is going to be able to do anything other than manage further decline of Aurora. None of the announced candidates has a clue what needs to be to even stabilize Aurora much less prevent further decline. Aurora is at a precipice.

I hope a candidate emerges from outside the establishment. You really need three consecutive mayors to save Aurora.

One to come in and clean house, privatize most city services in order to lower taxes and make Aurora a tax friendly destination for upper income home owners. Wholesale slashing and burning at all level is needed. So call it 4 years of internal reforms. This is an essential first step and a prerequisite to the mission of mayor #2.

After that a new player is needed, one to work on changing the direction of the city and addressing he demographic problems. The only way that can happen is to break the backs of the status quo who use the current city employees to keep their hand on the controls. Hence mayor #1's job is a prerequisite to dealing with the demographic issue. As long as the status quo who feed off of poverty are in charge Aurora will be on the wrong side of every trend. That is why the city employees themselves need to be broken, they are the conduit if the status quo and their existence is also a detriment to creating a tax friendly community.

Mayor two needs different skill set, he needs to be able to lead, have a level of charisma ad work relentlessly behind the scenes to set the stage for a new Aurora.

Mayor three needs yet another skillset, to redefine Aurora as a community and attract the residents and businesses that can thrive in the new culture.

For step #1, I nominate Rick Lawrence for 4 years as Mayor of Aurora Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we be reading about how the marvelous shopping opportunities on the West Side rank high in some national municipal survey for a strategic concentration of pawn shops, currency exchanges, tasteless signage, resale shops, empty spaces, creepy and dirty store fronts, tired grocery stores, half-empty banks, pothole laden parking lots, bad food, smoke shops and abandonment?

Anonymous said...

I propose changing the big "S" sign in the Northgate shopping center to say SANTUARY, as a welcome to all the illegals, homeless and refugees Weisner attracts.

Anonymous said...

Naw the S works, it symbolizes Aurora:

S ucks
S tinks
S cum
S crewed
S tupid
S hithole
S pics


Anonymous said... West Plaza in the late 70s ad 80s you could head into Town & Country drug store for a great burger and milkshake, grab a movie at the theater and head over to Fran & Arts steak house, or Patricks Pub, do some shopping at Zayre, in the morning you could pick up a donut at Buchner's, of course the corporate test store McDonald's has been there for ages and the Brown's Chicken, though now it is some bizarre Mexican meets shit ice cream, place. There was the small arts and crafts store in Ben Franklin and True Value Hardware.

Now, let me see, you want to see a movie and eat out you head out of town, way out of town. You might think Tinsel Town but that place is filled with degenerates and is simply unsafe at all times. So most folks go North and see a movie, eat out, and shop out of Aurora, in clean wholesome environment. Then you head back to Aurora, sort of feel you stomach tighten as you are forced to lock your doors as you enter and see the decay and the degenerates everywhere.

Aurora is not a city anyone wants to live in, it is a place you end up when you have no other options. It is one step up from the gutter and a homeless shelter for most people.

Anonymous said...

Its weisners prized sanctuary city / so it resembles a peace corp project that his wife can skim united way cash

Anonymous said...

Wow, I won't mention where because I don't want it found, but we drove 30 minutes to 1 hour and went to see a movie and did some shopping.

It was like heaven. The theater had only white people in it, no noise during the movie, it was a clean place, you felt safe going to the parking lot late at night. We also went grocery shopping, though there was a minority cashier, she spoke proper English and knew that we were entitled to 32 cents back and not 32 cent. Not one word of Spanish was heard that evening. We gassed up our car and felt safe at the gas station. No profane musics, no idiot grabbing his crotch, no one with their pants around their knees, no panhandlers.

And then we came home to Aurora. Cars blaring filthy music, beaners and gutter trash negroes everywhere, this city is a crap hole.