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Saturday, August 27, 2016

With Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Soon Gone, Can Aurora Be Saved Or Too Late?

Can Aurora be saved?

With Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner gone and under federal criminal investigation and his incompetent staff from so-called corporation counsel Alayne Weingartz to corrupt cop Kristen Ziman on the way out, some say there could be an opportunity for solving several problems.

Weisner stood in the way of progress for a decade and instead sent taxpayers toward the cliff.

Is it too late or still possible to save this city?


Anonymous said...

In the Daily Herald, Naperville Mayor Chirico praised Weisner's work at downtown revitalization, makes me wonder if Chirico has ever been to downtown Aurora.

Anonymous said...

He's just a suck up looking to get his name in the paper!

Anonymous said...

Downtown revitalization? Seriously...? Downtown has Riveredge Park, which is nice but did they really have to spend so many millions for the facility? What else does downtown have...? Paramount, Ballydoyle, the Roundhouse and of course that damn casino. Downtown Aurora is nowhere near the activity of downtown Naperville.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance p.o.s mayor hope you, Deleon,and that racist cock smoker Joe hopp all end up in a cell together where all three of you can have a circle jerk. You and your wildly important goals !!! The city spent over a hundred thousand dollars for that stupid fckn company Franklin Covey to tell you how to implement work goals in the city work force. Wow what waste of money and time !!!! Thank god you're out if here you piece of shit ! He's the only mayor in the history of the city of Aurora that looks like he gets his wardrobe from the hessed house . Your wife must pick out your clothes every morning. Fckn idiot !!!

Anonymous said...

Aurora is beyond saving, it has none of the charm or businesses that it had in the 50's or 60's. The near east and west side look like ghettos. Sanctuary Shit City should be the entrance to Aurora.

Chapa Lavia will use the city to prop up her husbands many business ventures. She is a fraud like the others.

Anonymous said...

Aurora is done for. The citizens are too ignorant, weak and spineless to actually fight for their community. Look at the crew running for the office of mayor. Everyone of them is of pedestrian in every sense. The only thing that could alter Aurora's trajectory is a trans-formative mindset,someone who would turn the tide on the status quo and do what needs to be done to steer this community to a more palatable future verses its current destination. All the four mayoral horsemen of the coming apocalypse will do is preside over Aurora's decline while enriching themselves with a lavish pension while building the personal fortunes of those who put them in office.

And this is 100% on the residents of Aurora. Time and again they rejected people running for political office who were outside the establishment.

It is disgusting, given the amount of notice, that not a single candidate emerged who was not bought and paid for.

The other day I was stopped while out walking by a former Alderman and part of the establishment who openly laughed about the apathy of the residents of Aurora and how easy it was to do what it is they do. He rather cruelty mentioned the establishment was hoping some decent citizen would step forward and run because they enjoyed crushing starry eyed dreamers.

As I said, it is the resident's fault.

Anonymous said...

Pierce is another lifelong scum sucking public sector pigeee feeding off the public. That asshole thinks we need to increase taxes to support the bloated Aurora Public library. they overbuilt, they overspent, they violated their actual mission and the solution Pierce come sup with it is tax the residents.