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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Aurora Corrupt Cop and Chief Clown Kristen Ziman Exploits 9/11

Corrupt Aurora Cop and Chief Clown Kristen Ziman plans to exploit September 11th by spending taxpayer funds with the APD's "honor guard" to advance her personal and political views.

Ziman's Daddy first got her into the honor guard back in the 90's as a way for her to be employed as a cop without taking any actual risk. Her Daddy was a cop in Aurora and that is the ONLY way Kristen could join the APD and why she would never have been a cop anywhere else.

Cops say the honor guard has three purposes; parades, PR and perks for certain cops to avoid real work and risk on the streets.

Now, Ziman's spouse cop, corrupt Chris Tunney, is in the cop protection program known as the honor guard.

But, why does a civilian police department need an honor guard at all in today's world?

What law enforcement purpose or crime reduction does it achieve?

And, at what expense?

Why isn't it voluntary, for retired cops and not at taxpayer expense?

In today's society, where some claim guns are the "problem" why is it okay for cops to carry large weapons for PR stunts?

Is the message send that the police are armed and military-like and is that was is being honored?

If the public carried the same weapons at an event, would cops consider that okay or a threat?

9/11 was a tragedy but we don't need it exploited by clowns like Kristen Ziman, fantasy warriors, government and all at taxpayer expense.

Show us how the "honor guard" reduces crime or put those cops to work in our streets and neighborhoods.

It's more important to honor our taxpayers and children's safety than exploiting a tragedy.

Do your fucking job, Corrupt Kristen, stop clowning around.


Anonymous said...

So the honor guard cops are not assigned daily street duty? They just practice their manuevering and are house cats?

Anonymous said...

Apparently. What a waste of our $!

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of Illinois local government is astonishing. In a feature article, it was reported that the Fox Water Agency has ancient equipment and no funding to keep the Fox Chain of Lakes from silting up and restricting the flow of drinking water to Aurora. Yet the Police Department can waste our money with clown honor guard uniforms, hats, parade guns, shiny shoes, a tank and oodles of cop management positions paying over $140,000.

Anonymous said...

How low can you stoop? Those officers volunteer their time to represent at fallen officers funerals, at parades, and at events. Most of the members of the honor guard are veterans who not only serve this city every day, but served their country.
Honor guard is not their jobs you idiot- it is something they do because they believe in their profession

Anonymous said...

wow. One more perfect example of just out right lies you publish here. THIS IS WHY YOU WILL NEVER BE LEGIT AND EVERYONE THINKS YOU TWO ARE OFF YOUR MEDICATION

Anonymous said...

How do you volunteer time? Do the officers get overtime or comp time for this? Is honor guard part of a 40 hour work week? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Alright, so when they march in the Memorial Day or July 4th parade, are the cops paid or is it volunteered time? If they're paid, is it holiday pay time?

Anonymous said...

Let real soldiers do the marching, the police should just police, no military crap and no more social worker crap, I read about the new social crap called SNACK. just enforce the laws nothing else. let social workers do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

wow. One more perfect example of just out right lies you publish here. THIS IS WHY YOU WILL NEVER BE LEGIT AND EVERYONE THINKS YOU TWO ARE OFF YOUR MEDICATION

Yet another loser who is jealous of Rick's boyish charm and masculine biceps and Akif's brains, wealth and power.

Go back to jerking off over cross dresser pron you loser.

Anonymous said...

What is this snack? Is it cheese and crackers at the wine and sex palace