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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

West Aurora School District 129 Officials Jeff Craig and Tony Martinez Added to Aurora's Most Wanted List

Jeff Craig, Superintendent of School District 129

Tony Martinez

Ever since Dr. James Rydland was ousted as Superintendent, Neal Ormund was demoted as President of the school board and cronies were added, West Aurora School District 129 has been deteriorating academically and making decisions against the best interests of taxpayers.

From the district's plan to remove 15 acres of prime commercial real estate property on the west side for new luxury offices to naming a building after the corrupt mayor and his wife to schemes with the corrupt staff at the Dunham Fund to knowingly putting a corrupt, drunk slut Kristen Ziman as "grand marshall" of the homecoming parade, the pattern has been to do the wrong thing.

In recent weeks, sources have revealed Superintendent Jeff Craig and public propaganda officer Tony Martinez have been actively involved in schemes to promote and protect the political mafia at the expense of taxpayers and children.

To be clear, they are not the only school district officials under investigation, but at this time, we have sufficient verification they both deserve to be added to Aurora's Most Wanted List.

We urge the immediate termination of JEFF CRAIG and TONY MARTINEZ, along with their removal from any school district property.


Anonymous said...

This is completely absurd. This blog contains false accusations on each of these successful individuals. It should be removed and whoever generated such nonsense should be reprimanded.

District 129 Parent

Anonymous said...

Agreed. This blog is clearly motivated by something other than the best interests of West Aurora School District 129. All anonymous whisperis. No factual basis for any of the assertions. I think these people are just throwing shi* at the wall and seeing if anything sticks.

I hate to post anonymously but I looked through this blog and believe I would be targeted by those sick individuals if I put my name to this note. I think any group of people laying out such reprehensible lies bear a responsibility to give actual facts backing up their assertions and/or identifying themselves. I believe they can't.

And knock off tagging our parent organization in Twitter with your lies.

Another concerned District 129 parent

Anonymous said...

The former west side alderman that runs this page, and on numerous occasions has threatened to leave Aurora, can't get out fast enough. Take this bullshit with you when go. Good fucking riddance you grumpy piece of shit!