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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Man Arrested While Walking Black


Anonymous said...

Pretty clear the cops were the ones escalating this situation, also clear the black guy was acting like a nigger. So, both sides were wrong. In this case, the cops were hassling a nigger for simply being a nigger. Last I knew, being a nigger was not against the law.

Anonymous said...

Ever met Rosario DeLeon? He's been put in charge of various departments at the City over the past 20 yrs only to have ruined them.

He shouldn't have been appointed to anything except that he was crowned the "right Latino" when Weisner became Public Property Director in the 90's. DeLeon hitched himself to Weisner's coattails and has been riding undeserved favor ever since.

Undeserved? Yep. That's when unqualified, ethically challenged people are promoted into the ranks of City management and are kept there after repeated failure.

With his spectacular experience as a parking meter checker, the only working job he's ever had with the City, DeLeon certainly possesses the skill, knowledge and ability for all of the positions he's been given, right

For us taxpayers, it's unfortunate that this "emperor" never had any clothes in the first place. In fact, Rosario's been stark naked for a long time.

Rosario preaches accountability and integrity, yet they're absent from his own performance.

Want proof?

How about the fiasco with dead ash trees. Six years ago, there were thousands across the City. Rather than deal with them as a wildly important issue worthy of full attention, Aurora's residents were subjected to the "DeLeon factor." That's where the guy becomes evasive and put offish as he's deep in management thought yet ignores the problem. He's still at it with his comments about new developments in DuPage County being over planted with too many parkway trees as justification for his department shorting the public.

Sorry, DeLeon, but we all don't embrace the ghetto mentality of Aurora. We're all not satisfied with minimal standards and performance. If you weren't up to this problem, why were you put in charge of anything in the first place?

Too bad you didn't get lost six years ago. There was never a better issue for privatization. A good consultant and tree removal company, who actually knew what they were doing, could have saved the City lots of embarrassment and removed those dead trees systematically in a hurry. Everyone knows that we sure pay enough in taxes to have been entitled to effective service, if only just once.

But we weren't.

Anonymous said...

Why, the first time you stepped up and took responsibility was in a Sunday newspaper. Before that it was your juvenile communication and failure to return phone calls to constituents, aldermen and the media. Meanwhile, we residents in DuPage looked at hundreds of dead trees lining our streets year after year devaluing our properties and ruining our quality of life.

Way to answer the call, but we could have predicted your failed accountability. Rosario's dedication to half-assed performance is legendary. We always knew you were the smartest guy in the room and had the answer: let those dead trees rot and fall down on their own.

How about the City's strictly average snow removal operations that are under his command? Or vandalized street lights where replacement takes weeks, not days?

Or ignoring hundreds of resident issues and concerns year after year through the City's computer system? Check with the people at the Customer Service Department on that one. Betcha Rosario's set a record for putting his convenience above the needs of those of us who pay his salary.

Want more proof? How about his brother's rental property when he was head of code enforcement? He said he knew nothing about the violations, which were exposed by a neighbor and policeman speaking out at a City Council meeting, for crying out loud.

We don't mind Rosario pantsing himself on that one, but we do mind that he publicly embarrassed the City Council and all of City government. BTW, as director, he was paid to make sure violations were corrected by people like his brother before they became a public spectacle.

If the DeLeons clan can't handle responsibility, then all of them shouldn't be working for us.

Anonymous said...

How about those weedy medians on N. Lake St? You know, the ones that embarrass the City each spring and make us look like a third world country. Rosario's the darling of social media for that annual boner.

Or how about the idiot hirings he's made. Or the disproportionate number of union grievances that are filed in his department as he screws over his employees. With the hours he spends cloistered away in the Personnel Department whispering over those chintzy-assed issues, it's no wonder Rosario can never get any real work done for us taxpayers. But that's his M.O.

How about Rosario's refusal to correct code violations at his own rental house on Pearl St., when he was the Director of Code Standards, no less? Why, Mayor Weisner didn't even know that his appointee was being prosecuted for that embarrassment, or that's what he told a newspaper reporter.

Way to keep a political mentor informed and violate the public trust at the same time.

That's brilliant efficiency, but how did he manage not to get fired after that freak show? His second scandal in Property Standards in two years? DeLeon still got a pass?

Want the ultimate assessment? Ask the people inside or outside of City Hall, who aren't a Mayoral sycophant, for their opinion. From trade contractor to lowly City employee to aldermen, you'll find that absolutely no one has any use for Rosario. That's the most honest performance appraisal of this guy who's been shown so much unreturned favor.

Rosario's major accomplishment will have nothing to do with his job. It'll be the shameful hiring of friends and relatives like his wife, brother, two sons, two brothers-in-law and other family members on the City's payroll. Let's thank all of the DeLeon's for that circus.

Are we to believe it's a coincidence that half of the DeLeon family couldn't get a job in the private sector yet ended up finding employment with Aurora?

The DeLeon's are the reason why the City desperately needs a nepotism law while Rosario's a living indictment of the City's rancid hiring system dictated by the Mayor's Office and carried out by his useless puppets in the Personnel Department.

His remembrance will feature integrity on a level equal to an underground sanitary sewer line. With an emphasis on rules which he never follows himself, he's a management ass hat all right, the flip side of a ridiculous union BA.

Without Weisner's sponsorship and protection, this jackass would have been fired long ago and, you know what? People all over the City know it. What a marvelous legacy for the Mayor and his BFF.

After 30 years, this clown makes over $150,000 on the taxpayer's dime. He'll be retiring soon so he's not fired by Mayor Chapa LaVia. After that, while still in his 50's, Rosario will begin collecting a six figure pension.

So Aurorans, get ready to fund "Full Family Employment" Rosario DeLeon's livelihood for another 30 years. Enjoy paying that obscene local tax bill for Aurora pensions. In another eight months, it'll be subsidizing a nice piece of useless freight.

Anonymous said...

I read the article about the new Spartan House. From all of the Facebook posts, you'd think this place was a 5 star restaurant. Hey folks, it's a standard sports bar with typical pub fare food. Had to laugh about those City incentives. I hear that part of the package included City officials personally busing tables and washing employees' uniforms free of charge for the next 10 yrs. How desperate can you be?

Anonymous said...

The Spartan House huh. Went in, Looked at their menu - ho hum. But that is not the issue. All this will do is sink the massive investment the city has made in the ill-fated restaurant row. Why, because the downtown traffic is generated from the West side, where Spartan house is located. The parking at Spartan house is far more convenient than downtown, there are fewer Mexicans, the neighborhood is nicer, there are no Hesed house bums etc. People only eat out so much, all Spartan House has done is divided up the folks who eat at BallyDolyes. People will take the convenience an safety of Spartan House over the parking nightmare, safety factors and stench of downtown Aurora.

Anonymous said...

Spartan House, owned by a buddy of Ald. Mesiacos, big donors to Weisner!

Anonymous said...

8:01 has it right. Everyone on the city council is bought and paid for, except oddly that shoplifter chick whatever her name is. She is the most ethical. O'Connor and Irvin are probably the two current worst although all but the shoplifter are pretty bad. I will say Franco is a total idiot and competing with Hart-Burn and Garza for the village idiot trophy. If elected Irvin will be the most corrupt mayor the city ever had.

Anonymous said...

We did get a new ALI food store in downtown Aurora in exchange for the Walmart closing. It will be a destination hub. FOR SHIT BUMS !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is this ALI food store located and what is it.I googled it and got nothing? Is ALI an ethnic slur for sand niggers? Help me out here.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Ali food store at Broadway and Galena. It's about the size of a walk in closet.

It really exists that Aurora promotion economic team really went all out on that one.

Kevin said...

Well realistically, the only way you can get a rational retail businessman to step foot in any area of Aurora that is not on the Orchard corridor or near Naperville is with public money. Even then it is dicey.

The high taxes can be remedied to an extent for the business via incentives but it cannot resolve the combination of household size, household income, housing cost, and high taxes, which, translated, means little disposable income relative to the surrounding communities. And of course it cannot overcome an extremely insular albeit diverse population, aggravated by waves of refugees now entering the population.

In the end, every single community surrounding Aurora has a superior retail demographic profile. Moreover due to the the asinine development Aurora has allowed, it is far easier for those in Aurora who have disposable income to traverse to other communities to shop and dine.

That being said, the downtown will not become viable unless you develop a large enough homogenized, localized residential base, alter the client base by making it a destination for people outside the community, or create a limited access parkway corridor to move traffic quickly from Route 59 to downtown. Even then you need a compelling reason for people to alter their shopping patterns to go downtown. Moreover you have to be very cautious about allowing new establishments appearing that will dilute the traffic to downtown, aka Spartan House.

However, at a high level, on paper, Aurora looks dramatically better than it did, even two years ago. This is primarily due to falling home values relative to income which is a plus on paper until you look under the covers.

Anonymous said...

It is a cess pool from highland avenue on Aurora's west sideto Eastern avenue on the east side and needs to be bull dozed and started over. If I ever need a cowboy hat or Mexican dress, I would go downtown Aurora. Or if I become homeless that new homeless library looks nice.

That new mystery factory (or probably rather a giant ware house) will only benefit Batavia school dist and Dupage county. But Aurora will give away more services in police, fire etc. FOOLS

Where is the Shoddeen Company, they own land in downtown Aurora, started it with free city money and left, citing a recession. However, they are building strong in Batavia and Geneva. They used our foolish leaders and Weisner made a profit for himself.

Anonymous said...

Aurora needs to eliminate the mayor position and run the city like a corporation and cut losses, like all the section 8, and anything that doesn't benefit the whole city. How long can we pay for free Obama phones, welfare, food stamps, free medical, free computers, free housing, free breakfast, lunch and snacks in schools. It has to end or we are finished as a society. Thanks Weisner for the sanctuary city and endless flood of refugees to get more free stuff. The democratic voting machine at work. If they cared we would plan on saving their home countries where they came from.

Kevin said...


The last I knew, Shodeen(sp?) gets a guaranteed interest payment of I believe 6% (it could be 8%)on the money they used to lock up th eland downtown. Ergo, given where interest rates are, they have no incentive to actually develop the land in a timely fashion. There are land grabs still on in desirable communities (heck Batavia is building a new parking garage to assist its merchants with the increased downtown business traffic).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Aurora is all "aces" when it comes to redevelopment, alright. Nice work with the Spartan House, but how about that sea of deteriorating and vacant business buildings all over town? In the City's challenging areas, economic development has been the biggest failure of the Weisner years. People are simply disgusted with the steady commercial decline as Aurora sinks further as a second class city. There's a tough bottom line here, but if you can't bring results, then you have no business working for us. Come April, adios to Hulseberg and the other redevelopment clowns. They can go back to Lombard or wherever as their poorly suited skill sets have caused enough damage.

Anonymous said...

Oh I went downtown and did not see the Ali grocery store, I did see a store at Galena and Broadway, I think it was Leo or something. Looked like shit anyway. and was about as big as a broom closet.

Anonymous said...

Now I remember it was called ELI. Must be a new chain exclusive to Aurora.

Anonymous said...


Aurora a second class city, are you kidding? It has not been a second class city since the 1960s. At this point I don't think it is a third class city either. It may be 5th or 6th rank, if that.

Face it Geneva, Batavia, St Charles, Naperville, Oswego are all second class cities that kick Aurora's ass. Aurora is far below them in every category.

It is fast tracking to compete with second tier cities in second world countries.

Here is what you have in Aurora: Among the highest tax burden in the nation with few amenities, lousy infrastructure, crap schools, gang violence, poverty, homelessness. disease, corruption and NO REALISTIC HOPE of being anything but the next Cicero.

The best thing that could happen to salvage some of Aurora is to split it into 3 separate cities. The far west and far east of Aurora are still salvageable if they split from central Aurora.

Anonymous said...

Spartan House is a disaster in many ways. Great the West Side has another option, but what does it say about the millions and millions that are being sunk into restaurant row and downtown? Why did Spartan House not open downtown? It fits the profile. It is not a national or regional chain,in that it is unique. Notice, people with substantial successful restaurant operational experience are not opening up on restaurant row in downtown Aurora. Spizzacos is a good example as is Spartan House. Spartan House is the death knoll for restaurant row. There is a reason why it is not located there.

Anonymous said...

Sparten House, Hesed House its all the same in Shit town

Anonymous said...

Mayoral choices:

An unethical spook
A racist Latina
A white fag
A protected youth with no real world experience
A racist community organizer

Aurora is doomed!

Anonymous said...

It was a hoot watching City Hall embarrass itself on restaurant row. Even with a solid anchor in Ballydole, they failed on every level. Development staffers and elected officials posing as movers and shakers trying to resurrect a small segment of downtown, now that's better comedy than the shows at the Paramount.

Anonymous said...

Ballydole is not economically viable and it never has been or shall be It is heavily subsidized and would fail as a standalone entity.

This is what gets me about this community, all these people that want more restaurants but don't grasp that due to high taxes and rent it is very hard to to keep the doors open with the average guest check most people are willing to pay.

Anonymous said...

Yea I ate at Ballydole, it was awful food. Next time I'll take my family to that Eli food store for a slim jim, and get crack and a whore around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Love these lame excuses for the failure of restaurant row. Apparently, only Aurorans are permitted to dine at our eateries and there's a wall around the perimeter of our City. When people from other villages approach, the bergermeister and his minions pour hot oil on them.

Kevin said...


I am rather curious, what possible motivation do you see for anyone from Naperville, Oswego, Montgomery, Batavia, Geneva, St.Charles to go out to dinner in Aurora? The only standout offerings Aurora actually has is in the category of Mexican food, and most of those are located in very unpalatable areas of Aurora. We have two excellent pizzerias(that can hang with any pizzeria anywhere) but both are located in unsavory areas. What else does Aurora have that the other communities do not? Why would any sane person traverse the zombie apocalypse areas of Aurora in order to go out to eat here?

From the north communities both 31 and 25 are unsavory. South approach on the same routes equally so. Coming from the east you have to travel NewYork street and drive past that lovely fleamarket, used car lots and then that entire little Mexico strip mall on New York. And there are not enough people in Sugar Grove to make an approach from the west matter. So why exactly would people leave decent, affluent communities to come into Aurora? Slumming is something you do once or twice. Other then that what is the draw? The casino is a yucky slum, The Paramount is "ok" but other than that - why come here?

Help me out on why anyone would come here from the surrounding communities.

Anonymous said...

If you want restaurant traffic you should put one on River Street right before Hesed House. That way all those good folks from Naperville, St. Charles, Batavia and Geneva would have a place to eat after they drop off their community's riff-raff at Hesed House. Why is it I still see squads from Geneva and St. Charles dropping people at the park on North Avenue bridge? Montgomery PD practically runs a taxi service from the park on River and Mill St and Hesed House. I am rehabbing a house on River and saw them driving riff-raff 3 times today.

Anonymous said...


The Mayan. The City had nothing to do with it, but Aurora would have unique eateries already open in the downtown if it employed resourceful people who were worth their inflated salaries.

Anonymous said...


I think the vast majority of city employees should be outsourced and almost all the mayoral aid positions eliminated permanently. It has been done in a few places very successfully.

Fire them all.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell does the city give $250000 a year to that goofy riveredge park? Heck you have to cross a major 4 lane highway just to get to the place. poor planning and what kind of balcony thing is that. The actual stage looks nice but its in the wrong place. How much kickback did Weisner take.

Anonymous said...

More the RiverEdge Park violates the city's own noise ordinances. Try creating that same racket in your backyard and see what happens. I live all the way over on Edgelawn and Kensington and cannot even enjoy the summer night sounds anymore with that noise pollution coming form that stupid park.

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with the noise thing. I moved from the city out here to get the peace and quiet of the suburbs and enjoy my backyard, not to hear the obnoxious sounds of the band dejour from Riveredge park.

Anonymous said...

Oh lighten up, Francis. Just look at all of those new eateries on restaurant row as a result of the traffic from Riveredge and the Paramount.

Anonymous said...

Went out last night...Grocery Shopping At Woodman's - sales tax to North Aurora, up Randall to Target, bought a mini-fridge and some clothes - sales tax to Batavia, went clothes shopping at Kohl's ate dinner at Tusks. Ice Cream at the Creamery...filled up gas tank, Stopped into Menards to order appliances. Al that sales tax to Batavia. All in all I spent about $460 last night When the appliances arrive it will be another 1800.00 and not a dime of it in Aurora. The best part - no Mexicans, no homeless. Aurora Sucks.

Anonymous said...

I went to downtown Aurora, got corn nuts at ELI's food store, got a new cowboy belt and got a whiff of aurora in the new hesed library.

Anonymous said...


I was at the Hesed library today. Some girl named Jamie offered to give me a blowjob in the restroom for 20 bucks. Seriously, this actually happened.