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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Corrupt Aurora Cop Kristen Ziman Said Lets Be Gladiators and Fight | Thousand Teens Fight and Shut Down Fox Valley Mall

As most everyone has heard by now, over 1,000 people were involved with fights and chaos, shutting down Fox Valley Mall, sending a devastating message to an aging and declining retail center (don't worry, Amazon is coming to Aurora and it's only a matter of time when Fox Valley Mall is dead and home to zombies).

7 out of the over 1,000 people were taken into custody. On the bright side, that is 700% more than what happened during the previous chaos involving bikers getting into fights and disregarding laws in our city.

In that situation, corrupt cop Kristen Ziman and Tonto, so-called deputy chief Keefe Jackson, justified the crimes by saying those who engaged in misconduct at least had Mexican food. "An excellent choice!" she irresponsibly said at the time.

No word yet if any of the 993 other people not taken into custody at Fox Valley Mall ended up having Mexican food, but nobody should be surprised by a mass number of citizens getting into a giant fight in literally the closest thing to a public square.

After all, it was Kristen Ziman who foolishly and irresponsibily declared the solution to Aurora's crime epidemic was:


At this point, it should be clear Kristen isn't someone fit to be in law enforcement or any leadership position, let alone police chief with a gun when she couldn't stop a mosquito if she tried.

After Greg Thomas was ousted as chief, Paul Nelson was named interim police chief, but then bypassed for the political mafia's choice, Kristen Ziman, even though Mr. Nelson was and still is the only person in the current brass with any actual law enforcement competence or sufficient experience.

We don't expect career politician and temporary mayoral puppet Bob O'Connor, who sounds like Kermit the Frog when he pretends to be mayor, to have any courage and immediately make Paul Nelson interim chief without permission of City Czar Bob Vaughan, but maybe he will go with someone else named Paul?

How about Paul Blart?

Yes, the mall cop. He's clearly more knowledgable and experienced than Kristen on these matters, even though they are both primarily actors.

And, don't get us wrong, we are thankful Kristen was AWOL and/or drunk during the latest crisis.

The last thing we need in a crisis that could get worse is a clown cop like Kristen Ziman riding like Michael Dukakis into the mall on top of the half-million APD tank, hoisting her wine bottle and a bag of donuts.

Aurora is a joke YET AGAIN spreading across the nation; we have a clown as the police chief and a mayoral puppet.

How fitting. No wonder Aurora is a joke. Even without Tom Weisner who quit to run Rick Guzman's fraudulent campaign.

Enough is enough and it's time to make a change before people get seriously hurt or die.

Or do nothing, the good ol' status-quo way of Aurora, keep Kristen the clown in place and just yell "LET'S BE GLADIATORS and FIGHT!" next time you walk into the mall.

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Anonymous said...

Time's winding down at the city and park district. With a new mayor, lots of lame political appointments will get fired and at the park district, free elections will bring new board members who will put an end to business as usual. Old board members, hurry and keep those cushy government jobs flowing for your friends so we taxpayers can foot the bill. Start interviewing ASAP. Wiggins, Vaughan, Gillespie, Chuckie? Pilmer? At this point in your careers, don't get righteous. You were appointed for times like this so show us what government in Aurora is all about and hire some hacks.

Anonymous said...

Ziman is hiding crimes committed by Clayton Muhammed a young man was on suicide watch because of him Kemit and the breaded on are coving up. They are afraid Chapa Lavia will expose them. The clock is ticking.