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Monday, April 17, 2017

Ending Red Tape and Bribery in Aurora

Aurora has been famous for red tape and obstacles for business and taxpayers to invest, work and live during the last decade of destruction under the corrupt Weisner regime.

From developer Lee Fry's sabotaged hotel project on Route 59 to companies that were driven out of Aurora to the River Street Plaza project that was threatened repeatedly to the widespread corruption involving the police palace, park and library, there is an extremely long list of misconduct and blatant crimes by the Weisner regime.

From complex steps for small business to prying into personal information of customers to liquor licenses to permits for the most simple things, the best way to bypass the obstacles was to "donate" (aka BRIBERY) to the corrupt political mafia, led by Weisner and gang leader Bob Vaughan.

In addition to firing and seeking prosecution for those from the Weisner regime responsible for these crimes and misconduct, Mayor Elect Richard Irvin has the opportunity to dramatically simplify interactions with the city, regardless of who you are or where you are from.

The new administration will need to make big changes and reforms, replacing secrecy, corruption, donations who's who and obstacles with transparency, vision, merit, ideas, ethics and the freedom to succeed.

In the meantime, there's still a few weeks left of the old regime. Next time you run into anyone part of the old political mafia, including Tom Weisner, Bob Vaughan, Kristen Ziman, Terry Bohr, John Cordogan, Wally Mundy, Bob O'Connor, Rick Mervine, Carie Ergo, Alayne Weingartz, Bill Wiet, Chris Tunney, Vicki Morcos, Jerome Schain, Bill Donnell and the thugs at the Painters Union looking to extract another penny from you, be sure to show them this video.

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Anonymous said...

you cant seem to make up your mind- first you love Richard- now you bash him. Irvin is a good good man and will do great things in this city.