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Saturday, August 05, 2017

City of Aurora Uses Official Communication to Promote Private Lawyer Juan Thomas Who Was Suspended By Illinois ARDC

We strongly supported the choice of Richard Irvin for Mayor of Aurora over his general election opponent, who was a holdover of the corrupt regime of Tom Weisner.

We spoke loudly about the wrongdoings of the Weisner regime during the decade of destruction of Aurora and we promised to always call it like we see it.

And, that's why we must call out a big mistake by Richard Irvin and Clayton Muhammad, who worked under Weisner and now with Irvin.

On Friday, August 4, the City of Aurora used their email communication list to promote and highlight a private person being elected President of a private legal organization.

That person is Juan Thomas, a partisan political hack in our community, who was somehow elected an officer of the National Bar Association, which is not to be confused with the American Bar Association.

Irvin and Thomas have a professional and personal relationship for years. Irvin traveled to Toronto this week for the ceremony for Thomas, which he is entitled to do so on his personal time and expense.

However, given Juan Thomas previously being suspended from the practice of law in Illinois, it was inappropriate to promote this city-at-large.

We previously reported:

Aurora Township Clerk Juan Thomas (D), who was elected in 2005, has been suspended from the practice of law for 90 days, effective October 12th, according to the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission (ARDC).

The misconduct alleged involved various violations of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct and surrounds this matter:

"On December 20, 2004, without her knowledge or authorization, Respondent placed Salina Marsh's purported signature on a bail refund petition which authorized the release of the funds to Respondent. Respondent had the petition notarized, filed the petition with the Court and later misrepresented his actions in this regard to the State's Attorney and the Commission."

We are neither interested nor care about Mr. Thomas personal life, but his professional misconduct on key issues of integrity is a much more important and IF the city is going to use official government communication to share the history of a person without sharing this, then it's misleading and wrong.

Clayton Muhammad is responsible for the that government communication. Under corrupt former mayor Tom Weisner, both he and Carie Anne Ergo would use these tools to spread propaganda and for political and personal motives.

That was wrong.

Now, this is wrong.

We know Richard Irvin believes that the mistakes Juan Thomas made were in the past and we agree, but that doesn't mean using official city communication to selectively ignore the past while promoting a private individual who has yet to demonstrate to us he has changed.

This represents a bigger problem that has been allowed to develop at the City of Aurora, which is the manipulation and misuse of communication and social media.

From corrupt cop Kristen Ziman's personal use of official Aurora Police Department social accounts to Clayton Muhammad's misconduct with social media, these communication and social media tools, like everything else in government, belong to YOU and must be used in responsible manner.

That's why going forward we urge Clayton Muhammad to be terminated and a new outside team to handle ALL official communication and social media to prevent the political and personal exploitation of government communication.

Aurora needs Richard Irvin to succeed.

The sooner he removes those who were in any leadership positions from the past corrupt regime, the sooner he can make the changes he promised.


Anonymous said...

Clayton Muhammed will soon be exposed for other illegal acts which include his odd relationship with children Weisner has a file on him and Irvin knows Claytin is a time bomb with children.

Irvin will not succeed he has chosen to keep all of the Weisner cronies. Ziman is very close to him. Guzman and Voigt are spawns of Ergo. Chuck Nelson got a created position. Alexandro and Weit are still around keeping the same City pay to play contractors. Many cops and City employees are sueing the City for miscellaneous violations that Alexandrou is covering up. The new Innovation department by Irvins girlfiend Holloway is a joke. Ask Lee Dozier Richard Irvins biological father who has another son. It is none other than Michael Pergus another Irvin will lie now that they are not half brothers. Barrierro is a City hack who many have never figured out what he does. A new legal appointment will be political donor Kim DiGiovanni and Irvin friend who also has ties to Zimen.

No Irvin just added to the players in Weisner corruption ring. Follow the money folks look into his political donors. Aurora is headed for new levels of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Irvin is worst than Weisner if thats possible. He is using social media to make it look like he is doing something while letting Weisner cronies run the City.

Holloway was part of the Nothern Lights scandal with Aurora Housing. Those who know her know that she was a part time professor living in a open relationship with her soon to be ex husband. She flirted with Irvin while working on the Chapa Lavia campaign. This $20,000 a year bimbo flits arourd Aurora like she owns it. Holloway had been dating Gregory the fired Aurora Housing director and now is spreading her legs for Irvin to the tune of $150,000 a year. Adriana is seen leaving his River Street pad in the early hours often.

Muhammed is another issue. Once under investigation he was leaving Aurora. Ergo told when no hangin with kids on City time. Irvin has put him in charge moving him to the third floor and giving him unlimited access to children. Kids of Aurora beware and parents please report any suspicious behavior to Naperville PD.

Irvin also has made the City legal department his playground. Adopting Madigan style politics he uses three cell phones never sends a email and is dealing with Chicago lawfirms that will give him his next big buck job $$$. Legal bills are choking the City while competent Aurora attoneys get passed by.

Many pay to play deals in the works will make the bearded one look like a choir boy.

Anonymous said...

We've got a new Mayor but where are his new ideas and changes? Is he satisfied with all the status quo for everything?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the "Pied Piper of Aurora" finally get caught one of these days! Clayton Kinard-Muhammad has had minor children as private Facebook friends for years. When he returned his district-owned computer to the service center the hard drive was wiped clean. Some of us were hoping he would move to Fresno as he had been supposedly planning to do, but looks like his buddy Irvin is continuing to protect him just like Weisner did.

Anonymous said...

Karademas said he was gonna build a restaurant at the old Elk's Club. The meatheads at the City got exited and gave him incentives. Now he says no restaurant. No pushback from the City? No demand to pay back the incentive money? Wiet and O'Connor show themselves to be pushovers again! Wasn't this my TIF money? Who's watching out for the interests of the taxpayer when deals are worked out like this one and Shodeen? Anybody else tired of open invitations to shove things up the taxpayer's asses sideways?

Anonymous said...

Karademas left Aurora over a restaurant dispute. Irvin is specing out a restaurant and paying for major expenses like plumbing and electric for his big political donor Poulakidas. Karademas asked that they not do this at the Waubonsee/Paramount site. Alexandrou a close friend of Poulakidas told Karademas too bad. There are also major cost overruns Karademas incurred because of Weit and Curley. Aurora if a failing City run by Irvin who has more interest in screwing Hollaway on City time.

Anonymous said...

The wannabe businessmen at Aurora City Hall hit it out of the park last week. The best redeveloper to ever hit downtown gets so disgusted with their antics that he shuts down his restaurant and scraps his plans for another. He'll be taking his vision and money elsewhere. And these people still have jobs?